12 Cool Ideas for Swimwear Cover-ups

Beach season is in full swing, and if you want to check some cool ideas for swimwear cover-ups, then you’re in the right place. After picking your swimsuit, the next step is to focus on the cover-up for the ultimate holiday look.

Browse through your closet and you’ll find so many options that will work as a swimwear cover-up. Your favorite kimono jacket? Yes, you can totally rock it on the beach as a swimwear cover-up. Also look for large scarves, they can double up as sarongs. The options for swimwear cover-ups don’t stop here, other examples include a denim shirt for a laid-back look, or a maxi skirt teamed with your bikini for a boho-chic look. See, I told you, your closet already includes a lot of beach-friendly attire.

So before you pack for your weekend getaway, scroll down and check out these cool ideas for swimwear cover-ups.

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