Adorable Wedding Cakes for the Fun-Loving Bride

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(formal dress australia)

These wedding cakes from amazing bakeries like Babushka Bakery, Elysia Root Cakes and Rooney Girl Bakeshop are seriously adorable and perfect for any bride who loves pops of color that really stand out. With pretty florals and precise attention to details, these intricate wedding cakes will have you feeling so inspired and ready to party! 1 wedding-cake-idea-collage-12022015nz-720x720 2 wedding-cakes-1-11302015-km 3 wedding-cakes-2-11302015-km 4 wedding-cakes-3-11302015-km

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(plus size formal dresses australia)8 wedding-cakes-7-11302015-km 9 wedding-cakes-8-11302015-km 10 wedding-cakes-9-11302015-km 11 wedding-cakes-10-11302015-km 12 wedding-cakes-11-11302015-km 13 wedding-cakes-12-11302015-km 14 wedding-cakes-13-11302015-km 15 wedding-cakes-14-11302015-km 16 wedding-cakes-15-11302015-km 17 wedding-cakes-19-11302015-km 18 wedding-cakes-22-11302015-km