There are several sophisticated and fun ways to wear brooches. Yet, a brooch is an accessory a lot of us tend to write off as outdated or irrelevant. The brooch is one of the most fun and versatile piece of accessory. Not hating on other accessories but, necklaces go around the neck, watches go on the wrist, the belt goes around your waist and the list go on. Most accessories are limited to one body part. Brooches, on the other hand, is the accessory that can be strategically placed anywhere on our outfits to give them a little bit more personality or tell a story maybe. Whether they are worn singly, in pairs or in a cluster, Brooches are an indicator and can be really cool when styled right.
Trust me, a brooch is the ultimate magic touch and as such a brooch will make you stand out for sure. Every woman should have several brooches to go with different looks, but in any case, at least one for the formal dress and another for casual wear.


Well, sipping on some noni tea while reminiscing on home. I have not been home in a while so, naturally, I am missing my family. I randomly text my aunt and ask her to send me some pictures from the old family album because I already have them sending selfies every chance they get. Its just nostalgia kicking in. She started snapping and of all the photos she sent, one really stood out. She was wearing this purple ensemble with a brooch attached. The brooch really stood out so I was like “that hint of sparkle though”. Immediately memories from my childhood of her sense of style started skipping through my mind. I remembered all these broaches and pins she kept in that fancy chest on her dresser.

Believe me when I tell you the lady has a very polished and sophisticated style. She had all different kinds or should I say categories of brooches for different events. She had the regular brooches she chose from to wear with her Sunday bests. The brooch selected would be dependent on the color and cut of the outfit she was wearing to service that morning. Then she had some pins she would wear to work every day. Of course, she then had more fancy looking brooches for more elaborate events like weddings or some other formal outings.

I can clearly remember watching her bend her hand at different angles just so it could be placed perfectly. What I have learned from those observations is, a little far too left, right, up or down could really through off the look. She was really intricate with the placement of her brooches.
All this brought me to where I am now with exploring different ways to rock brooches. So I decided that hey, I am going to start incorporating more brooches in my looks.


Originally brooches were invented to hold clothes together or make fit better. Since then people have found different ways to wear brooches. In each era, you will find a different trendy way to wear brooches. He the ways we chose to incorporate brooches into our outfit are constantly evolving.

Brooches are traditionally worn on the left side by many older woman in society. This way is considered sophisticated and the correct way. You will most likely see the ladies of the royal family wearing it on their left side. Women who hold a high position in society most often wear it on the left as well.

But!!! Here goes the millennial in me about the break all the rules (not the first by the way). People are way more creative and expressive now and don’t see things as black and white. Long gone are those days where many of us abide by fashion rules. Do not lose any sleep or break any sweat trying to figure out where to place them. Just go with the flow. Do not be reckless with it. Do like my aunt did test different angles to see which direction suits you.


Guys let dust off our brooches, dive into our parent’s collection or start a collection of our own and get into styling them. Don’t just be random and start pinning brooches all over or in the middle of a dress or top. It still needs to be carefully and thoughtfully placed on your outfit to convey what you want it to say.

Here are a few ways to wear brooches to give your outfits some personality and a little bit of edge:

1. On the Blazer Lapels

2. On the Collar

 3. Around Your Neckline

4. Coat / Jackets

5. Handle Your Bag

6. On A Hat

7. In Your Hair


• The more elaborate and unique the design of your brooch is, the more you will stand out.
• Make sure the fabric can manage the weight of the brooch you are wearing.
• Brooches and pins are more noticeable if they contrast with the background.
• Bright colored garments go best with black, dark-colored brooches. Silver and diamante brooches go best with black or dark colored outfit; if you really want your fashion brooch to stand out – remember this simple rule.
• Experiment with your old brooches, and find new and unusual ways to wear them.
• Combine several commonly themed ones into a cluster.

How this post inspired you to get yourself a good collection. If you do you will be prepared for any occasion. If you did manage to make it to the end of this post thank you very much for reading.  See you next post.